Past Battle's and their Winners!

Who was the best comedian and Superhero? Here's where to find out.

Edinburgh Fringe 2018

Victor Patrician's Joker 

Brighton Fringe 2018

Donal Vaughan's Captain Planet

Melbourne Comedy Festival 2018

James Nokise - Back as Shazam again. Is he the champion of champions?! 

Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Paul 'Twonkey' Vickers as the might Mothra

Melbourne Comedy Festival 2017

Matt Price, as quick as... The Flash

Adelaide Fringe 2017

Gillian English as Wonder Woman

Adelaide Fringe 2017

James Nokise as Shazam. He's quite good at this.

London Sep 2016 - Battle of the Champions

A special night featuring the winners from the Edinburgh, Brighton, Melbourne and Perth battles..... The winner was James Nokise's Shazam, a Kiwi comic who originally won the Perth (Australia) title in 2015 to be a worth global champion.

Edinburgh Fringe 2016

James Benison's Baked Potato, sorry, Silver Surfer was the Scottish champion. 

Brighton Fringe 2015

Ben Clover's Sock Puppet Hulk was victorious.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2016

Brendan Geeson's Gambit won the Comedy Festival Crown.

Adelaide Fringe 2016

Andrew Roper's Phantom won the South Australian Battle.

Perth Fringe World 2016

Ryan Adam Wells and his Cyclops were victorious, in Rap and on guitar.

Edinburgh Fringe 2015

Lewis Dunn's Venom won here. Yes, a Villain snuck in to beat the heroes in Scotland!

Brighton Fringe 2015

Sorry, Our records have been wiped of the Brighton 2015 winner.... We blame some villains out there sneaking into our Bat cave....

Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2015

John Burgos as Spider-Man was the favourite in Victoria.

Adelaide Fringe 2015

Sameena Zehra's Priya was the winner in Adelaide, after some controversy that saw The Human Torch stripped of his title for cheating!

Perth Fringe World 2015

James Nokise's Shazam swept to Victory in Perth once more, after his one-off show victory in Scarborough

Scarborough Beach Australia 2015

James Nokise's Shazam was victorious! Thunder and lightening followed the show.

Edinburgh Fringe 2014 - The First Battle

Ben Clover's Sock Puppet Hulk was our first Battle Winner.